September 11 - remembering


This photo is taken from the Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ at night during the commemoration of Sept 11 event.


Sept 11 is a very special moment for me - I lost of lot of friends at the WTC and to this day, that day is carved in my brain and heart for ever like it was yesterday. Because of a series of weird events, I did not get to be at the world Trade Center on September 11, 2001 at 9am as I was planning to. As I was running late, I went directly to work on 40th st/5th where I saw the planes hit the towers


Won Contest Finalist in Monthly Pro Vol 5 Photo Contest in

December, 2014


At night, It was a stormy and rainy day which explains a lot of the clouds in the sky, which helped to give the final magical touch.


A white cloud happens to sit on the end of the 2 laser beams, which give a special meaning to this photograph, like a connection with the other side. Of course, I use a tripod as I shot this photograph at night


I used my Camera: NIKON D7000 with an aperture: f/5.0 and an ISO: 800 for an 8/10 exposure ; the camera was sitting on a tripod set on a top of a bench


I took a bit of the noise out

In my camera bag

I always pack 1 or 2 camera, each with a different lens on it so I can quickly move from one situation to the next. of course, a tripod, a flashlight, a lot of memory sticks, a cleaning cloth for the lens, extra charged batteries and business cards (with my Viewbug profile printed on it)


When it comes to take pictures At night, patience and practice are the key. I like to take my time, try to be in an area where there are no other sources of lights that distract my eye and the sensor on the camera. Then the goal is to find the right settings to capture the best possible image