I really wanted to capture the expression of the dog encountering snow for the first time and did not really know what to expect : will it run, jump, sit there or run away and that was a good challenge to expect the unexpected. Lucky for me, his curiosity made him calm down and observe around what was going on : that is when I took the shot


The photo was taken 2 winters ago ; This is my dog Pepper who passed away a year ago as it was still a puppy: a car ran him away and never ever stopped. I miss him a lot


Won feature awards December 2014

Won Behind the lens feature award September 2016


This is a very sentimental photo for me ; It was the first time my Puppy Pepper was face to face with snow and did not know what to make of it. It is this time where a dog discovers something new in life and wonders what it is all about. Was taken towards the end of the afternoon in the beginning of the winter.


Lighting was just perfect and the slow motion of the snow flakes just gave a great capture of a time capsule, giving a life and a story to this static shot. Because the dog was trying to figure out what snow was about, he did not move much, which allowed me to focus on the snow flakes dropping onto him.


I used a Nikon D7000 with a 80-300 mm on a tripod Camera: NIKON D7000 with an aperture of f/6.7 and exposure: 1/400 under a 1600 ISO


I took a bit of grain off (noise) and slightly improve the contrast so the design of some flakes would stand out.

In my camera bag

I always pack 1 or 2 cameras, each with a different lens on it so I can quickly move from one situation to the next. of course, a tripod, a flashlight, a lot of memory sticks, a cleaning cloth for the lens, extra charged batteries and business cards (with my Viewbug profile printed on it)


When it comes to take pictures of animals, patience is the key. I like to take my time, try to be at same eye sight as the animal and close enough to share a respectful friendly space with the animal. then, the rest is all about what the animal will allow you to grasp from him