I took this picture in a farm in South New Jersey on a "pumpkin Pick up" day


Was around 5 pm after we spent all day playing hide and seek in the corn maze, picking up pumpkin in the fields and getting familiar with the animals in the farm.


5pm in the fall is a good time for lighting as you avoid harsh direct light and the light on the skin is just soft like baby skin. colors are also very vibrant (despite this is a B&W picture)


Nikon D3300, a light version of the Nikon series that I use when I know I have to walk a lot (this is my 2nd pack up camera from my full frame Nikon D750. I use a 28-70mm lens which give me flexibility on the subject when I take pictures of kids


I was attracted by the texture of the corn, the cross of the lines and the natural curves. I thought it would be a perfect background for a portrait


Cleaned a bit of the noise, adjusted the contrast, et voila

In my camera bag

2 cameras (full frame and regular DSLR), a couple of lenses with at least a 28-70mm and 70-300mm for a base, a tripod, extra battery, flash, a cleaning kit for the lenses (blower) and a flashlight


when working with kids, let them express themselves to their full extend and just wait and capture the finest moment. it is just matter of time before you get the perfect expression and posture you were looking for.