Statue of Liberty


This photo was taken in Battery Park, South of Manhattan island, in New York City, at Sunset


This is definitely one of my favorites photos of all time, It took me a bit of acrobatic moves to get the 2 subjects to fuse (The #4 sign on the foreground and the Statue of Liberty on the Background) as I had to climb on the tail of a giant bird statue in Battery Park and was in suspension on that tail adjusting the Statue to fit into the #4. Took some efforts and some balance techniques on a slippery Granite statue but was worth all the efforts.


Was a great sunset like we can experience on the south tip of the island in Manhattan on the fall so the natural light is worth a million words. The peaceful orange tone gives to this picture the feeling of peace, which I was trying to capture with the Statue of Liberty on the background.


I use a Nikon D3000 with an high ISO of 1600, aperture of 5.6 and speed of 1/250


As an immigrant myself, Battery park is a great symbol for all citizen of this country as this was the exact location of a port of entry to the United States for Immigration. At the times, mayflower and others had to brave the 4 forces of Mother Nature (Wind, Water, Earth and Fire) aka #4, for which the ultimate result was Freedom (Aka Statue of Liberty). It is a very symbolic and close to my heart location that I wanted to grasp in a photograph


I did very little post -processing, essentially removing some noise due to the late evening shot and increase a bit the contract on edges

In my camera bag

I usually have a pretty pack bag when it comes to a planned photo excursion ; a few different lenses, extra battery and memories, a flashlight, a lightweight tripod. however, on that day, I was simply a typical New Yorker enjoying the city with some friends, my camera around my neck and this shooting angle caught my eye.


If you have the opportunity to come to New York City, take a trip to the south tip of the island and take a minute to feel Battery park. It is a magic place and you do not even feel you are in one of the biggest and busiest city in the world ; it is like a static timepiece in a fast chronograph watch. As you probably have the artist in you, just like me, you ll feel what I mean :-)