Chateau De chambord


This photo was taken in France, in the Loire Valley, also known as the Valley of the Kings as kings of France had their summer residence in the Loire Valley, perfect for hunting and large parties. This is the summer residence of king Francois the first, called the Chateau de Chambord, very famous for its elegance and some unique architectural features from the renaissance period, like the gigantic double spiral staircase designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. This castle was build in the 16th century (took 29 years to build), was totally robbed and emptied from its furniture and decorative elements in the inside during the french revolution (1789-1792) then abandoned for most of the 19th century. used as a military retreat for the German during the second world war, it has been renovated after the war and reopened to the public ; this monument is visited by about a million people each year


This was taken at sunset, around 6pm on the late fall in a cold windy day.


Lighting was somewhat perfect with the right amount of clouds in the sky to filter the light, limit the shadows on the monument and give the right sparckle for the reflection on the surroundings waters


I used a Nikon D3000 on a tripod set in the cow fields outside the castle limit


I grew up with the French culture and rich history and the king and queen of France are a big part of my fascination for Art and history, which is carved in all the castles and other monuments all over the country. I also graduated as a tour guide, specialized in monuments, architecture and history so the castles are for me like a safe and protecting environment where I feel the creativity has been preserved. I am always fascinated of what was achieved in the past without the technology we have today, versus the poor result of what we could do today with all the technology that we miss-use. It is all my dilemma with little that we do with what we all we have. Each time I have the opportunity to go back to France for visiting, I never miss the pleasure to take the castles' road and dive back into the Past and visit some of those gorgeous monuments ; I also make a personal goal to dine and sleep in at least one castle during my stay in the country, to experience the full pleasure to live a night as a king. I slept once in the bed of the mistress of Francois the first and to this day, I feel honored and lucky.


Yes, a bit of post processing in Photoshop, mostly cleaning the noise overall, addressing the contrast for a better reflection onto the water and some sharpness on the monument itself to give it some standing ovation

In my camera bag

When traveling abroad, I carry about anything that could be of use in an impromptu situation. Therefore, at least 2 camera boxes, a couple of lenses (18/55, 70/300, fishEye, Macro), flash, tripod, monopod, tons of memory and extra batteries/chargers, cleaning supply for lenses, flash drive, solar panel for charging batteries, flashlight, headlight, a harness to carry equipment along with the bag usually


Patience is the key, take time to set your tripod and camera to the right spot and wait for the correct light to came on-board to highlight your "painting". I also do different shots at different times for nuances in light. .